Chapter History

When the Twelfth Conclave met in St. Louis in December, 1923, the roster consisted of forty-seven chapters. A further drive for new chapters was held to be unnecessary. Brother J. A. Atkins was re-elected for his third consecutive term, but was compelled by the press of private business to relinquish his office early in the year 1924. Brother J. W. Love, Vice Grand Basileus, succeeded to the executive office. Under the administration of Brother Love during the year 1924 the following chapters were added: Alpha Phi, Birmingham, Al.; Beta Phi, Durham, N.C.; Zeta Phi, Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Chi Omega, Thomasville Ga. [Oracle 1929 page 10]

alpha phi bros 2The roster of Alpha Phi Charter Members was as follows: Landy E. Harris, James Gammon Brown, Walter L. Brown, Dr. Henry Clay Bryant, Dr. Arthur McKimmon Brown, Dr. J. A. McPherson, George Brantley, William E. Clark, Fred Snelling, D D Crawford, Dr. W. R. Brown, and Oscar W. Adams. [Oracle 1925 page 28]

The Brothers of Alpha Phi Chapter believe that men of like attainments, and similar ideas of fellowship should bind themselves together in order to form a more perfect union of college men to promote the principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift to further brotherly love and fraternity sprit within the organization; to stimulate the attainment of ideals and ambitions of its members; to cooperate with the schools where its chapters are located; to occupy a progressive, helpful and constructive place in the civic and political life of the community and of the nation.